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Our Story

“Life happens, gin helps” well it definitely helped me following a redundancy situation that I
wasn’t prepared for – and I mean, not prepared for at all. I am usually a laid back happy
go lucky type of girl, so it took a while for me to pick myself up, brush myself off and consider
what to do.

I have always wanted to work for myself, and I know how hard this can be because my
husband does it, and I hardly ever see him! But I had to view my situation as an opportunity,
and thanks to the power of Pintrest I happened to see a horsebox mobile bar conversion and
this is when I decided that this was the job for me!

Now, this isn’t an original idea, I wish I was the first person to think of it, but i’m really not, but
even so; Betsy will be a unique and quirky bar option which be a positive and memorable
talking point at your event and after your event, as well as looking totally cool in your party


So – step 1, find a horsebox

We were lucky-ish we found a horsebox that was for sale in Cornwall, we arranged to view
and explained that if we decided to purchase then we would like to take the horsebox away
that day. We did not expect that to mean we had volunteered to empty the contents of this
delightful mobile storage unit, it was completely full - of stuff.

Step 2, bring home ‘Betsy’ our new arrival!

We nearly didn’t make it! Being left unused sat in a field for over a year doesn’t help the wheels
go around when you decide to tow her home, fortunately she made it straight back to the garage.

Step 3, “regeneration”

Draw what you want on some paper, print some images off the web and expect your mate
to know exactly what you want – my poor mate Rich, he loves Betsy now after hours cutting,
welding, drilling, sandblasting, fixing and then spraying her. Free gin for life for him by the
looks of it - lucky me he doesn' t like gin!

Step 4, qualify, plan, book and buy

Become a Personal Licence Holder, plan which events I should try to trade at, book them in and buy gin, lots and lots of gin, plus suitable high quality mixers.  It was only then it dawned on my the long list of things that I needed to buy, and fit into a relatively small space.  I have almost mastered the art of not packing light!

Step 5, make The Jagger Gin Bar a success.

Well, I am only just getting started on that one, watch this space..............................

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