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Gin , Gin & Even More Gin

I thought I had most of the South West gins on order, only to discover today that there are 3, yes 3 that I do not have on my stock list. It seems that I need to up my game!  They are on my radar now, so will spend some time looking for the best price.  Registering with the local wholesaler has been a real help, because ordering direct can have a minimum order requirement, which I totally understand; but it makes purchasing costs high when you are not 100% sure on sales. Anyway, I…


New Product Alert

Great!  I have literally just placed my order with a local Wholesaler and then low and behold I see the Tweet regarding a new flavour from @SWdistillery Tarquin's Brilliant British Blackberry Gin. This pairs very nicely with a Fever Tree Lemon Tonic - Yum!


A Horsebox?

When I talk to people about The Jagger Gin Bar I am often asked, what made you think of converting a horsebox?  Well the truth of the matter is that there wasn't a lengthy consulation process with lots of meeting and discussions, it was definately more organic than that! After a negative situation you have to believe that something positive will come out of it, I honestly feel that this was an opportunistic time for me to venture into self employment and therefore things have fallen into…